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Zhongtian Lighting Releases 27W LED Spot Light PAR38 [ZT-P38E27-931A]

Today, Zhongtian Lighting releases its latest product—27W LED spot light PAR38 [ZT-P38E27-931A]. It is designed to replace traditional bulbs and plays a more significant role in the daily life. This model is used for home lighting, commercial decoration, stores and hotels and so on. Its technical specifications are as following:

Model: ZT-P38E27-931A

Overall size: D121*H127mm

Rated power: 27W

Lamp beads: 9pcs

Housing material: PC

Input voltage: 85-264VAC/DC,50-60Hz

Efficiency: >0.90

Luminous flux: 1300lm (warm white), 1800lm (neutral white and cool white)

Viewing angle: 15/18/30/45/60 degrees options

Color rendering index: 75±5Ra

Color: Warm white/White/Cool white

Color temperature: (3000K-3500K),(4000K-4500K), (5500K-6500K)

Working temperature: -20℃ - 45 ℃

Luminous efficiency: >70lm/w


In addition, the LED light heads are composed of thick aluminum and unbreakable lenses. These LED spot lights perform well with excellent heat dissipation and power supply. Compared with the traditional lights, its working hours last about 20 times longer than that of the bulbs and its power consumption is as less as 10%.LED spot lights emit directional light, focusing on a single area. What’s more, with high technology, dynamic management and color of LED light is available, high color purity and continuous adjustable brightness are realizable, and it can change color with the dynamic transformation and digital management. Meanwhile, it benefits a lot to the environment and people’s eyesight, because the LED spot doesn’t contain those hazardous chemical elements such as mercury. It has a stable performance and it can be easily transported and installed with light weigh and small size.

Zhongtian Lighting is devoted to focusing on the technical innovation, minimizing its price for customers and building a good image to the world. At the same time, it will introduce other LED series, such as LED tubes, LED bay lights, LED bulbs, LED flood lights and so on. Thus, it will become a bigger comprehensive supplier of LED lights with various series and offer the considerate service to the customers.


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