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T9 LED tube light

We’re one of leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED tube light in China. Also named LED fluorescent lamp is the integrated application of LED light source. LED tube light can save electricity as much as 80%.
T9 LED tube light is new generation tube of chip show, which is made by special different view angles mixing lighting design, without ultraviolet ray. High brightness SMD LED makes the light nicer. With inner high efficiency constant current driver, T9 LED Tube is brighter than conventional bulb. What is more, T9 LED tube has less decay and a lifespan as long as more than 50000 hours.
  • 68W T9 LED Tube Light

  • 2400mm 36W T9 LED Tube Light

  • 1500mm 22W T9 LED Tube Light

  • 1200mm 18W T9 LED Tube Light

  • 600mm 10W T9 LED Tube Light

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