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Zhongtian After-sales Service System
    The after-sales service system of Shenzhen Zhongtian Lighting Co., Ltd. (Zhongtian for short) has come to a conclusion in serving customers: it is easy for a customer to purchase a commodity, but not that easy for him/her to find a supplier with quality products and service. Zhongtian looks forward to long-term development and hopes to better serve and seize customers. Therefore, Zhongtian service system provides customers with guarantee as follows:

First, Pre-sales Service
    A professional sales engineer will provide customers with professional solutions and suitable products combining customers’ requirements and his/her professional technical experience in LED and products’ application characteristics.
   Show samples for customers and give them professional advice combing customers’ requirements and products’ characteristics.
   Provide customers with free training in the use of products, so as to make customers better understand the characteristics of products.
   Provide customers with sample test in certain circumstances.

The Second, Sales Service
     Give customers recommendations about lighting installation environment according to the use of places.
     Install and test the sold products and offer product application training for free.
     Provide customers with product-related information (including product specifications, material quality reports, etc.).
     Offer telephone technical support and on-site technical support in emergency.

Third, After-sales Service
     On-site staff can report the problems encountered by customers to the project leader of the Computer Department, who then contacts our technical staff. And we will reply   you within four hours and solve the problems within 48 hours.
      Service Hot Line: +86-755-27798801.
      We offer parts replacement at cost price.
     We provide consumables for customers at preferential price.
        In summary, Zhongtian wishes to be your long-term partner and provide you with quality products, and more importantly, excellent after-sales service. Zhongtian is willing to help you succeed!