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LED project

  • Our LED fluorescent tubes are shining brightly in Nanshan CMB branch

  • Our T10 tube series were lighted up in some civic center areas

  • LED lights have already been popularized all around the city

  • LED lights were widely applied in shopping mall

  • Hospital lighting gived an important expression to the modernization of the hospitals

  • Our lights are widely lighted up in many factory

  • Our T8 fluorescent tubes series are also lighted up in Shenzhen

  • we have enjoyed a good reputation in Shenzhen-LED lights

  • Shenzhen Sun department store-LED Panel

  • Shenzhen Bagualing food street-led lamps

  • The newly built metro corridor in Pengcheng University Games- LED products

  • Tian'an Cyber city property management upscale residential community ,LED bulbs

  • clothes shops and Jewellery shops-LED indoor lights

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