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why led lamp is better?   
     we are using to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting many years, now why did us choose LED lighting?

     what is it reason to choose LED lighting for us? Energy saving, environmental protection, longer lifespan, these should be reasons why the preferred LED lighting, and LED lighting is easy to install, low maintenance, can directly replace incandescent lamps in use and energy-saving lamps, the same power products, energy-saving effect is obvious, Zhongtian ​​LED lamps not only has this advantages, we are have advantages for other manufacturers.

    Traditional lamps are directly connected to the 220V AC, while the LED lighting power supply needs to alternating current into direct current, the constant pressure mode of operation: LED power supply directly affects the efficiency of light-emitting efficiency of the lamps, as a manufacturer of LED power supply , Zhongtian Lighting can provide high-quality optoelectronic LED power and can also demand for a variety of customized LED lighting solutions, led lamps,for instance,LED tube light,led spotlight,led bulb light,led downlight and so on.