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Enterprise Advantage

Led lighting products are mainly consisting of LED light sources, PCB, housing and power supply. LED light source technique is led by big companies such as Cree, Epistar. Its Led chip encapsulation technique is mature. The thermal resistance is as low as 6 ℃ / W.the solder temperature and the juncture temperature is less than 10 ℃. Light source dissipation now is not a hard issue at all. PCB material is 6063 aviation aluminum. The aluminum materials features layer of nickel metal, Ni ≥ 2.5μm, AU ≥ 0.1μm, the obvious feature is the good conductivity. By the test of authoritative R & D institutions, the temperature of weld point between light source and PCB and the housing temperature was less than 3 ℃. Housing is

the traditional PC material. It can be customized according to specific need.


LED power supply is the decisive components of Led lighting products. Now there are so many Led lighting products manufacturers. Their quality varies greatly. There are few Led power supply factories which can be of larger-scale, R&D investment, quality control, purchase chains. So the problems such as burnt, blow up, the higher repair rate is not surprising. And it brings users safety risks and economic losses.

What is our advantage? Research team with expertise knowledge and experience; Adequate equipments, standard quality system; products have received recognition from domestic and international certificate agents such as TUV, UL, CCC etc.

We cooperated with several key universities in the nationwide, we establish a reliability test laboratory together with Peking University, university of Electronic Science& Technology of China, we have developed several efficient green drivers reaching the world's top level thanks to Moso Research Institute with the powerful ability in D&R, advanced laboratory for reliability test and adopting automatically computer tester.

Our company is equipped with independent radiation laboratory, conduction laboratory, and reliable testing device such as temperature and humidity chamber, vibration measurement instrument etc. These complete advanced testing facilities and high-quality research team guarantee customers with first grade products overvalued.

zhongtian possesses modernized 20000 sqm factory , over 40 auto production lines, 1400 staffs and 200 high quality technicians,all the production and testing process adopting computer-controlled winding machine, wave soldering, Reflow soldering, auto electricity tester, high pressure tester. The annual capacity can reach 10,000,000 pcs led drivers and 50,000,000 for other consumptions drivers; we deserve the title “powerful driver producer" in this industry at present.

zhongtian optoelectronics, your green energy-efficient lighting specialist!